Turnkey Marketing Kit

How do I tell people about my practice?

Your practice is just starting out or just needs a little push to get moving faster. But you can't think of a way to make that happen. You don't want to hire an expensive advertising agency or marketing firm, and you have little or no graphic design skills.

Well, we have the answer! It's our high quality fully customizable Turnkey Marketing Kit for chiropractors, custom designed specifically for our Impulse® and iQ® owners!  Read on to find out how this kit will give you everything you need, including an effective, productive Patient Education Program that your patients will be telling their friends about and sending them your way!


What's Included

Instrument Specific
Graphic Design

Powerpoint presentation

Workshop Flyer

Customers will easily be able to identify which adjusting instrument you own for your practice - the affordable effective Impulse® or the state-of-the-art advanced iQ®.

Specific color schemes and high resolution modern graphics uniquely identify the instrument of your practice.

The centerpiece of this package is the high resolution full color Powerpoint presentation of over 2 dozen educational and eye-catching slides, fully customizable with your own branding and writing.

Intrigue your patients with this informative Patient Education Workshop.

Advertise your Patient Education Workshop Program outside the office with this attractive full color, fully customizable flyer.

Hand them out, post them, even email them as an attachment to your prospects!

11" x 17" and 17" x 11"
Workshop Posters

Press Release

Customizable Quad Fold
Full Color Brochure

Advertise your Patient Education Workshop Program with these attention-getting fully customizable matching vertical and horizontal posters.

Hang them on any wall of your practice, and patients can't help but stop to read all about your new program!

Get the local media to tell the community all about your Impulse® or iQ® Adjusting Instrument with this professionally written fully customizable press release, suitable for electronic distribution.

Add your own graphics and text to complete the perfect announcement for your local press and media. Get the word out about how your Impulse® Adjusting Instrument puts your practice above the rest and transforms it for the 21st century!

Want to educate your patients all about your Impulse® or iQ® Adjusting Instrument before they even hit the table? Leave a stack of these attractive and attention-getting full color customizable brochures in the waiting room.

Not interested in this comprehensive Turnkey Marketing Kit at this time, but still need brochures? You can order them HERE.

Ready to jump start your valuable practice
with comprehensive customizable internal marketing?