Seasonal Marketing Kit

How do I get more patients in my door?

Your practice is doing OK, but you'd like to be as busy as the big guys, and you just haven't hit on the formula. You've tried print ads, posts, tweets, maybe even radio or TV, and you're not getting the numbers you want.

Well, we can help! It's our high quality fully customizable Seasonal Marketing Kit!  Read on to find out how this kit will give you everything you need to promote a patient grabbing Health and Wellness Education Program and weight loss challenge contest! You'll educate your patients on how to improve their health beyond your expert care with nutrition and exercise!

We have a package for each season - no matter what time of year, each kit is customized for it - Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall - we have it all!

What's Included

Powerpoint presentation

High resolution 24" x 36"
Workshop Poster

High resolution US Letter
Workshop Flyer

The centerpiece of this package is the high resolution full color Powerpoint presentation of over 2 dozen educational and eye-catching slides, fully customizable with your own branding and writing.

Intrigue your patients with this informative Health and Wellness Workshop.

This fully customizable full color poster lets you advertise in your office the exact day, date and time of your event. With high resolution graphics matching the campaign, you're sure to attract attention with this piece.

Advertise your Health and Wellness Program outside the office with this attractive full color, fully customizable flyer.

Hand them out, post them, even email them as an attachment to your prospects!

Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge
Tracking Sheet

Social Media
Postings and Graphics

E-Blast the announcement of your new Health and Wellness program with a fun and motivational Weight Loss Challenge!

With a prize awarded end of month to the patient who loses the most weight, they'll be eager to attend the seminar, so they can be the most informed to lose the most weight and win the prize!

Keep track of your patient's contest progress with this convenient Weight Loss Challenge Tracking Sheet.

With these easy to use columns for Patient name, date, initial and final weight, and total weight lost, you'll have a clear record of your contest data for reference.

There's no advertising like social media, especially on the two giants - Facebook and Twitter!

Not familiar with either, or have a little experience but not sure what to say or how to say it? Fear not! We've written the posts for both platforms, so you don't have to! Just copy and paste the provided text for each platform into your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and let the responses roll in!

Ready to take your internal marketing promotion to the
next level and get 10-15 new patients a month?