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Adjusting Instrument

Adjusting Instrument

Impulse Adjusting System®

What has iQ® done for you? These accomplished successful doctors will tell you exactly that, with their gracious and encouraging compliments on how their practices were transformed with our research-based technology!


The Impulse® Adjusting Instrument is the perfect introduction of your business to convert to instrument adjusting! Find out how Impulse® is helping these doctors' practices, by making their adjustments easier on them AND their patients!


Hundreds of doctors worldwide attend our renowned seminars every year, where they get everything from classroom instruction and hands on training to a gourmet luncheon! Here's their positive feedback!



Rick L. DaSo, D.C.

Implementing the Impulse IQ and the Neuromechanical technique has been the single most important addition I have ever made to my practice in my 30 year career. I feel that our profession owes you a great deal of gratitude for your vision, dedication, sacrifice and most of all your willingness to teach us what you have learned. I should also add that your teaching team is the best. Their teaching has given me the knowledge to teach others the science behind what we do. That is what will move our profession forward.

Deborah Ball, D.C.

My patients, since Monday morning until Friday evening, have felt fantastic with the Impulse Adjusting Method. The comments have been: “Can we do that again next time too?” “It felt so relaxing!” “It was like having a massage and I didn’t want to get off the table!” and “My legs were so cold when I arrived, and now the blood is flowing and they have warmed up. I don’t believe it!”.

Joseph J. Ierano BSc D.C.

Dear Dr. Colloca: I have been an upper cervical and full-spine instrument-based-adjusting chiropractor since my graduation in 1997. Very few instruments have truly changed the practice of chiropractic significantly, but certainly your Impulse, and in particular, the Impulse IQ have ushered the way into the evidence-era 21st century. In my clinical experience, it has an edge for influencing the entire spine, pelvis and just about any other peripheral musculoskeletal structure that can persist in nociceptive input to the central nervous system. And that is, apart from being one of the most powerful influences on health, the essence of subluxation based chiropractic for the future.


Matthew Cecchetti, D.C., C.C.E.P. , D.C.

I wanted to take a minute and express my sincere gratitude for everything you do and for supporting your clients and your product. After my Impulse Adjusting instrument stopped working this past Thursday, I realized how dependent on instrument adjusting I had become. It is not my primary method of adjusting, but has become an important part of my own personal technique/repertoire and a lot of patients really prefer it. I knew there was a seminar in Pittsburgh that weekend and thought I would take a shot at having one of the pros take a look at my Impulse Adjuster. When I got there, Dr. Peterson and Dr. Gudgel immediately went to work examining the instrument and within five minutes had it working like new. I was concerned the problem may have been how I was maintaining or using the Impulse Adjuster and they gave me some advice on cleaning and maintaining it. On top of it all, I got a great adjustment from Dr. Peterson. These docs took the time to fix not only my Impulse Adjuster, but me as well. The Impulse Adjuster is a great instrument and it’s backed by a great team! Can’t begin to thank you enough!.

Katherine E. Lyons, D.C.

I have been using the Impulse Adjusting instrument for over 4 years now, and it has absolutely changed my life. I was starting to wonder how long I would have in this career due to chronic elbow and shoulder pain using mostly manual adjustments. I had used other hand-held instruments in the past, but they weren’t very effective and still caused significant stress to my wrists and arms. I can tell you there is no comparison to the effectiveness of the Impulse. It is so comfortable to the patient, and it produces results even beyond what I was getting manually. With the difference in settings and technique options, the range of what it can do is amazing. I think there should be an Impulse in every chiropractic office.

Dr. Stephane Pletain D.C.

I’ve been using my Impulse Adjusting Instrument® for three weeks, and I am impressed. In addition to give diversified types of adjustment, I’ve been using an Activator gun to treat acute cases, elderly patients and to deal with different lesions of the extremities. Using motion palpation as my main tool to find dysfunctions of the locomotor system, I don’t use the gun according to the Activator theory (leg check), but to restore proper joint play. So far, it seems the Impulse is superior to the Activator gun. I suppose that the capacity for the Impulse to deliver rapid repeated thrusts makes the difference. Could the first thrust overcome the tonic barrier of the joint’s resistance, allowing the following thrust to further increase the range of movement? This needs to be investigated. In any case I would like to thank you again and I will not miss the opportunity to mention the efficacy of your instrument to our colleagues in Europe.


Baldwin Chiropractic

The four doctors of chiropractors from Baldwin Chiropractic attended the NMI seminar this weekend. We all left with more knowledge and better skills and feel that on the first day back; we took better care of our patients. We purchased 4 Impulse IQs and can really tell that our adjusting skills improved immediately. The four trade-ins will be in the mail next week. By the way, we all passed the certification test! We want to start marketing ourselves and our Neuromechanical technique immediately!

John J. Giovanelli, D.C.

Last week I decided to take a Neuromechanical Seminar. I purchased the instrument 4 years earlier at an FCA Convention thinking at the time: “What the heck, I’ve had the thing for 4 years, perhaps I should appease all the whiney patients who hate €”pœopping”€ and take the seminar for continuing education€.” Little did I know I would be attending a life changing experience! Unlike other instrument based techniques, Neuromechanical developed their technology based on research, not the other way around. The equipment and methodology impressed even me, the world’s biggest skeptic. The proof in the pudding was the adjustment. I never imagined I could feel such a dramatic improvement in range of motion and articular function. In the first week of introducing Neuromechanical’s technique in my office, the feedback is extremely positive. My sincerest thanks go out to all the hard working people who developed Neuromechanical technique. You've enlightened me and given me a new and exciting sense of purpose.

Christian Antonsen

OUTSTANDING presentation based on research. Head-to-toe coverage with a straight forward €˜nuts-n-bolts€™ format – my favorite! I will recommend on Monday!