Our Promise to You

We Treat You Like You're Part of the Family

When you own your own business, you have the luxury of making your own rules. We call them policies. Allow me to explain our policies and how we arrived at them. This will help you get to know me and our company a little bit better in the process.

Old Fashioned Family Values

I was raised by a different generation. My father was born in 1916, the first born American to my Grandparents in the New World. They had emigrated from Sicily, landed at Ellis Island and settled in Oswego, NY where work could be found.

In 1924 my mother was born on a small farm nearby. My grandfather ran a gas station. My parents were married 65 years and raised eight children. She passed away in 2006. They had five children 2 years apart and took a ten year hiatus before having three more children 4 years apart. I was the last born when she was almost 44. My Dad was 52.

My oldest sister was married with two children when I was born, thus I was an instant uncle when I came into the world. It’s a unique and odd situation. My father was a tailor, my mother, a seamstress. we lived simply – modestly and humbly.

Typical of Italian households love and generosity were shown with abundant hugs and food. Guests were always given hugs and a plate of food whether they wanted it or not. Guests received more than they asked for, or ever expected. I think that’s where I learned about over-delivery. Suffice it to say, I’m not a Generation X’er. Despite being born in the 1960’s, I was raised by parents who had experienced the Great Depression and the post World War II boom themselves.

As a child, I learned the value of hard work, and the value of a dollar. I was also taught that a handshake is just as important an agreement as any legal contract. Being fair and over-delivering giving more than people asked for, I learned, were the secrets to success, no matter if it were in relationships, sports or business. These core values were engrained in me. This was the framework that my brothers and sisters and I were raised in.

Our No Nonsense Guarantee

At Neuromechanical Innovations®, we’ve developed policies congruent with the very core values that made us a company in the first place – those that drive our mission. Imagine a world where trust and loyalty are the norm and not the exception.

I know that sometimes new customers are skeptical when making a first purchase and may also change their mind. With all of the nonsense, trickery and politics in the world today, I wanted to make sure that our customers knew that they would feel safe in their purchase with our company. I wanted doctors to trust that if they changed their mind, that it was OK.

This is why we created our No Nonsense Return Policy Guarantee. If a customer finds that our products aren’t the right fit for their practice, or if they aren’t happy with our products for any reason, we will take the product back within 30 days of purchase and issue a full refund with no questions asked.