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Five Years of Research and Development Resulting in Affordable Computer-Assisted Adjusting

Impulse iQ® - Truth | Authenticity | Simplicity

Truth and authenticity go hand in hand with simplicity. Not every adjusting attempt is successful. No matter what the technique, sometimes patients guard during an adjustment, or your line of drive isn’€™t correct. Other times, a joint that is in an advanced stage of degeneration won€’t move much. We acknowledge this Truth and built the technology into Impulse iQ® that has you covered.

Key Features


Microchip Computer
with Patented Auto-Sense® Technology provides feedback



Audible indicators during adjustment allow you to make necessary adjustments in your care


LED Light Bar

Visual assessment of improved spinal motion as frequency changes from 5-12Hz during adjustment



Nickel Plated Bezel
for maximum accuracy
during adjustment



Wondering how the Impulse iQ® differs from other so-called ‘computerized’€ adjusting instruments? Learn about the research, validation, and technology that sets iQ® apart from the rest.

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How Impulse iQ® Works

Functionality and Performance ... Simply

The unique functionality and performance of the new Impulse iQ® Adjusting Instrument shines with simplicity. Apply it to the dysfunctional area, and the instrument thrusts at the ideal frequency to maximize motion. Frequencies change in real-time congruently as motion improves.

Impulse iQ® has patented Auto-Sense® technology that senses when mobility is maximized ceasing the adjustment, then provides feedback of the patient’s response to the adjustment. There is nothing else like it in the marketplace at any price point.

iQ® ... Adjust to the Frequency.

Look Ma, Almost No Hands!

iQ® is easier on your hands AND your patients!

Hands sore from all those patient adjustments? Are carpal tunnel, arthritis and other ailments about to shut your practice down? Wouldn't you love a miracle that would extend your practice for years and virtually eliminate the pain and strain on your own body? Well, your miracle has arrived!

Born out of over a decade of research and engineering, iQ® has an easy pull trigger and lightweight but durable housing with micro-computer circuitry. iQ® produces a controlled force that chiropractors can use to treat different areas of the body with virtually no strain on YOURS or the PATIENT'S body, while giving an accurate adjustment to your patient every time. Best of all, the LED light bar and audible indicators let you see and hear the results!

SEE the iQ® in Action

Watch a 3D demonstration of the iQ® being applied in an adjustment

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HEAR the iQ® in Action

An interactive experience with the Audible functionality of the iQ®

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Founder and CEO Christopher J.Colloca, DC, PhD, explains how he created and perfected the
iQ Adjusting Instrument, and why it is the premiere chiropractic tool for your practice.

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precise adjustments to your patients?




Impulse iQ® has patented AutoSense® technology that senses when mobility is maximized, ceases the adjustment, then provides feedback of the patient’s response to the adjustment.

Apply it to the dysfunctional area, and the instrument thrusts at the ideal frequency to maximize motion, while changing frequencies in real-time congruently as motion improves.

There is nothing else like it in the marketplace at any price point.


Impulse iQ® has Audible Feedback Technology™ to signal you to the response of the spine and extremities to the adjustment.

  • A Single Beep indicates the acceleration response has been maximized during the adjustment. Maximizing mobility is our definition of an adjustment!
      A Double Beep denotes the acceleration response has not yet been maximized – either further adjustment may be indicated, or there is operator error.
      No Beep means no increase in acceleration response has been sensed. Either your segmental contact point is wrong, your line of drive is off, or the given area is not receptive to changing its mobility.

    The LED ight bar is intended to guide the operator in interpreting acceleration response. Ideally, during treatment, the light bar will reach the green levels indicating an optimal result. If only the yellow levels are reached attention should be given to reassessing the effectiveness of the treatment.

    The determination of medical necessity of continuing the treatment including treatment dosage is always the responsibility of the clinician and not the device.


    The iQ has a Nickel Plated Brass Bushing surrounding the stainless steel nosepiece for added strength due to the rapid movement/acceleration of the instrument.

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