Our Founder and the Neuromechanical Story

A message from Christopher Colloca, DC, PhD

Twenty years ago I received my first chiropractic adjustment (with an instrument) by Dr. Ed Galvin in Oswego, NY. Twenty years later, over 8,000 chiropractic offices in 52 Countries are using the Impulse® family of adjusting instruments to deliver chiropractic care.

We estimate that over 100 million chiropractic adjustments have been given with our instruments. It's truly humbling, gratifying, and exciting.

How We Started

In the year 2000, I started Neuromechanical Innovations to train chiropractors in evidence-based techniques and procedures to improve their clinical practice. I accomplished this by traveling around the country giving postgraduate seminars for continuing education that the doctors could also use for license renewal credit. In the midst of everyday practice caring for patients and putting on seminars on the weekends, I built relationships with researchers whom I collaborated with to better understand how chiropractic adjustments worked.

This is really my passion ~ studying the biomechanical and neurophysiological aspects of chiropractic adjustments hence the name, €œNeuromechanical. € The fruits of these efforts have resulted in over 50 published papers in some of the best journals in spine care science. Born out of this research were the Impulse® Adjusting Instrument and its successor, Impulse iQ®.

Our Offices

Our headquarters is based in the beautiful Arizona desert where I've lived since 1997. Our Neuromechanical Campus houses our corporate office and manufacturing facilities as well as a new state-of-the-art training facility where trainings can be held.

We've gone through the painstaking process of becoming UL listed ~ Underwriters Laboratories product safety testing and certification that ensures the quality of our products and manufacturing and operational standards. Our products are made in the USA.

Our devices are FDA registered, patented or patent-pending ~ and our trademarks and copyrights are registered domestically here in the US and have been filed in many countries throughout the world. Our adjusting instruments are in thousands of chiropractic offices in every state in the US and in over 52 countries around the world. Neuromechanical International reflects our global presence.

Our Seminars

We developed a new seminar program called The Neuromechanical System ~ which combines our research-based technique together with patient and practice management procedures to improve your patient care and your practice.

Today we have a faculty of instructors and our team travels around the country and throughout the world to bring our clinical trainings close to where you live, so it'€™s convenient for you to join us. You can study with us in some twenty major cities across the country. You can also supplement your learning with our DVDs, webinars and on-site visits.

Quality, Research, and Authenticity are powerful words that you'€™ll come to associate with Neuromechanical. It'€™s what we're all about. We promise to provide you with the best quality products with the research to stand behind them. From our exceptional customer service to our clinical instruction ~ you'll find that we are authentic ~ we are real and we truly care about what you think. Thanks for joining us and we look forward to serving you.

The Instruments and Technology

After the successful debut of Impulse® in 2003, thousands of chiropractors made the switch to Impulse to adopt the latest technology and save their hands from having to pull spring loaded activation devices. When Impulse iQ® debuted in 2008, chiropractors were amazed to see the difference that computerized adjusting could make in their practice. The addition of a motion sensor and internal computer microprocessor functionality inside the Impulse iQ® provides feedback to both the doctor and patient while adjusting at the body's resonant frequency. Adjustments are crisper, results are faster, and the feedback gives confidence to the doctor and patient alike. Soon, we'll do it again with our release of Impulse DSA®.

Impulse DSA® (Dynamic Spinal Analysis & Adjustment) will use the functionality harnessed within the Impulse iQ® and wirelessly transmits its data to a touch screen computer system to track pre-post biomechanical results, while solving all of the doctors daily visit dilemmas. From, documenting the adjustment, doing the SOAP note, educating the patient, and charting patient progress, Impulse DSA® will do it all and will interface with other EHR programs as well for seamless integration into your practice.