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Impulse Adjusting System 4 DVD Boxset is our entire seminar on video. The set contains our Research and Development DVD, 2 DVDs featuring our teaching seminar and the Practical Application DVD.

The Practical Application DVD is our protocol video featuring Dr. James Gudgel working on both a live subject and skeleton. This DVD is fully chaptered to make it easier to reference what you need.

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Download our White Papers Collection, chock full of research that fully validates chiropractic instrument adjusting!  It's a $199 value, yours FREE!

Included is our pediatric specialty focus, where you’ll learn all about instrument adjusting for this specialty population. Study the biomechanical perspectives of dysfunction and skeletal growth, examination procedures, differential diagnosis of the most common pediatric conditions ...

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Instrument Adjusting has grown to become one of the most commonly used techniques in today’s chiropractic practice, second only to Diversified type manual spinal manipulation (National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Survey, 2000).

From ease of use to added patient safety, adjusting instruments provide a new dimension to chiropractic practice. Likewise, instrument adjusting has expanded the range of conditions ...

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